Esmeraldas city is the center of Esmeraldas province, also known as the "Green Province." The city has a lively nightlife on the weekend, and also has an international sea port as well as a small beautiful beach nearby.

The beaches of the area, on the borders of Colombia and the Pacific Ocean, is famous for its hotels, but Atacames is one of the most popular because of its famous "coco loco", a traditional drink made with coconut water. You will experience plenty of palm trees, red and black coral handicrafts, beaches inhabited by red crabs, and colorful sunsets over the water. The city is known for bonfires on the beach and bungalows full of lively music. 

The most traditional dishes at the beach are fresh fish, shell fish, plantain, and yucca. The favorites that are most appreciated by both locals and foreigners are encocado de pescado, made with fish and coconut milk, and tapao, made with fish and plantain.