More About Ecuador

Before coming to Ecuador we recommend you spend time researching the country, the city of Quito and the locations you'll visit during your program. That way you'll be able to make the most of your experience when you're here. 

quito sunrise

A google search for Ecuador will reveal quite a bit of information about the country, the geography, politics and much more.

We encourage you to learn the basics and then investigate something that interests you personally about Ecuador. For example, if you're interested in music investigate the music scene in Quito and Ecuador. 


The climate in Quito, Ecuador is quite mild with very little change throughout the year. We caution you when looking at online weather reports (from the app on your phone, for example) because they can be very misleading. 

Here is a fun blog post we did about The Truth About the Weather in Quito, Ecuador - it'll give you a good idea about a typical day in Quito as well as how the weather reports can be a bit off. 

Travel Books

Although much information can be found online, our students still find travel books handy. They are packed full of useful information for prior to departure as well as after arrival. And, they only make you look like a tourist if you read them in public. (ja ja ja)

When picking out a travel book make sure it has been published or updated in the last 1-4 years (some sold online can be quite outdated.)

Useful websites:

Safety and Security

Safety and security information, instructions and recommendations will be covered extensively in your pre-departure materials as well as your on-site orientation when you arrive in Quito.

The following are some basic tips to keep in mind when spending time in Quito and Ecuador:

For the most part, Quito is a safe city. However, there is poverty which creates pick-pocketing and petty crime. When going out, especially in crowded areas of the city please follow these recommendations:

  • Do not wear valuable jewelry
  • Do not carry your passport (keep a copy with you instead)
  • Do not carry unnecessary items like your ID from the U.S., credit cards you won’t use, etc.
  • Only carry the money you will spend and keep all valuables in a money belt worn underneath your clothing
  • Do not go out alone at night or in more dangers parts of the city (these locations will be explained during orientation)
  • Do not accept flyers being handed out on the street (some of these may be laced with narcotics)
  • Do not approach stray dogs, even puppies

Many families and businesses hire private guards who are stationed along the streets, and have expensive locks and alarm systems. You will also see many people begging on the streets, including children.

Most female students report that they receive frequent comments, hissing or whistling from males while walking on the street: some comments are flattering and some are degrading. The best way to deal with any of these comments is to ignore them and continue walking. To respond in any way would be to invite further attention.

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