Only two hours from Quito by car or bus, Mindo is one of the main attractions that provincial ecotourism has to offer. This discreet and quiet place in located in a valley surrounded by 19,00 hectares of protected forest. In the surrounding area there are about 500 varieties of birds and over 40 different kinds of butterflies. This great diversity in such a small area is unique in South America. Mindo is internationally known for its unique flora and fauna, and is considered votal to the development of ecological tourism. 

The climate here tends to be milder than Quito. The temperature is approximately between 60 - 70 degrees Fahrenheit (15 - 24 degrees Celsius) throughout the year. Rains are common and there is no dry season, although between May and September the weather becomes a bit calmer. July to October is the busiest season, during the school holiday time, but even on weekends and national holidays Mindo is a very popular venue among national and foreign tourists who are seeking some fresh air. 

More than 170 species of orchids have been found within the Mindo reserve. Bromeliads, heliconia, ferns, vines, mosses, and lichens also grow in abundance here. The is the perfect area for adventure sports such as horseback riding, mountain biking, tubing or rafting down Mindo river, and other thrilling experiences as you enjoy the wildlife and natural landscapes.