The city of Otavalo is surrounded by mountains, lakes, and cornfields. It is a magical environment filled with color and beauty. 

Otavalo's culture is rich in tradition, legends, and handicrafts, which are their way of transforming nature into everyday objects we can be closer with. In the center of the lively and picturesque town, you will find the Plaza de los Ponchos where you can walk among thousands of rugs, ponchos, jackets, hand-knit sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, embroidered blouses, and more. You'll also see chumbi, colorful sashes worn by the indigenous women, sandals, shigras (bags), dresses, and beautiful accessories such as the traditional necklaces that local women often wear.

Many very good hotels and restaurants can be found in Otavalo. You will enjoy the hospitality of the people and their delicious traditional dishes. 

On the way back to Quito, just an hour and a half away, you'll pass among valleys, lakes, wheat fields, and beautiful landscapes. Here lies Cayambe, a town that produces an amazing variety of lowers known for their color, size, and beauty all year round. It is a must to stop there and enjoy some of their famous biscuits and milk caramel.