The Pasochoa volcano is located in a wide protected area about 1 hour from Quito (45km) and only 8km from Amaguaña. The volcano, an extinct crater, stands at 4200 meters high and is part of the National System of Protected Areas in the category of Wildlife Refuge. The Pasochoa holds extraordinary natural wealth, with around 120 bird species, both resident and migratory, having been registered there, including the rare condor and turkey vulture. There are also more than 50 species of traditional and medicinal plants and trees. 

Throughout many years, a well preserved Andean forest has formed thanks to the shape of the crater and human intervention for protection. Today, this forest is the habitat to a huge variety of flora and fauna. In the moor lands of Pasochoa there are many species of mammals such as foxes, skunks, wolves, antelopes, and pumas. There are also many small snakes and lizards. Psochoa is the ideal place to spend climbing mountains, watching the landscapes, horseback riding, or hiking. Many people prefer camping here as it is a great opportunity to appreciate the nocturnal nightlife and share some local legends.